Nuestro intercambio con Folkestone en la revista TECLA

La revista TECLA es una publicación de la Consejería de Educación en el Reino Unido e Irlanda, dependiente del Ministerio de Educación y Formación profesional. En el número 2 de este año 2023, Nairet Morales Sosa, profesora de The Folkestone School for girls que participó en el intercambio escolar con nuestro instituto, nos describe la experiencia del intercambio, las vivencias del alumnado en las familias de acogida, las visitas realizadas y en en general, la buena relación que se ha establecido entre ambos centros.

Ya estamos trabajando para que en el curso 23-24 podamos realizar muchos más proyectos escolares en común y repetir el intercambio escolar con su escuela para alumnas y también con su filial de alumnos.

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Gracias Nairet

Algunos comentarios de las familias y alumnas inglesas participantes en el intercambio

Feedback from parents

“I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in pulling together the Spanish exchange trip. Our daughter has come home full of happy stories and having made new friendships. Her confidence in speaking Spanish seems to have improved hugely too, having been immersed in the language, even for just a few days. She can be quite nervous of new experiences and social situations, but the way this programme was managed, with the communications in advance etc helped her through this in advance of the trip and I think the whole experience has built her confidence.”

“I just wanted to thank you both so much for the trip to Madrid. Exactly what the young people need! Our daughter loved it and I really think this will help with all sorts of skills and personal development.”

“The experience has been excellent so far! The organisation and preparation have been very thorough and we were able to start building a relationship with the family prior to the visit. The Spanish student was absolutely lovely and fitted into our family so well- we didn’t want her to leave!! She was so polite and engaging and has made firm friends with our daughter. We have already noticed a positive impact on her Spanish and enthusiasm for the subject/desire to improve. The Spanish student is a credit to her school and we have already started making plans with her to visit again. Similarly, we had several other of the students here for a small gathering on the Saturday evening. All of them were so polite and courteous and played with our younger children and taught them some Spanish phrases. My children loved them- They were a pleasure to have over! Our daughter can’t wait to visit them all in Spain. Thankyou so much for giving them this fantastic experience!”

Feedback from students:

“This was a very exciting trip which enhanced my confidence while speaking Spanish and also my confidence in general to talk to new people. This experience will be unforgettable and will have positive lasting effects for years.”

“It was a very challenging experience living with a family who didn’t speak your language but very fun. I’ve learnt so much about Spanish culture and I have also made lifelong friends from this trip.”

“With the Spanish I have learnt within school, I did not realise the extent of my unprompted ability until I went to Spain, and I was encouraged to speak it at all opportunities, even if it began confusing, as the family I stayed with gave me unconditional support both in the house and with my speaking. It was a true cultural immersion, and my confidence has grown incredibly.”